Sucklebusters Original Pepper Sauce

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TEXAS HEAT – Original Pepper Sauce.

This is a very hearty pepper sauce. It is thick-n-rich. It is not runny, like many other “hot sauces”.
Texas Heat has an award winning blend of peppers and spices that provides a unique combination of flavor and heat.
It is hot – the kind of heat that make you want more. The flavor is very peppery; it goes well with any food.
Perfect for everyday use. Texas Heat Pepper Sauce is a fiery blend that hits you like a hot breeze, then settles in for a long slow burn.
And just like a Texas summer – Its Oppressive! Original flavor, medium heat index.

Ingredients: Chile Peppers, Water, Vinegar, Salt, Sugar, Onion, Garlic, Spices and Xanthan Gum. NO MSG. Naturally Gluten Free.